Monday, April 7, 2008

I before E but never like A

Pronunciation is one of my biggest pet peeves. Words that are spelled with an I but mispronounced as if they had an A. My two fingernail on chalkboard words have always been family and immediately. Listen to yourself when you read that did you think/say famaly and ahmmediately? It bothers me that people are lackadaisical about it. Being a reality show addict my latest bothersome word is Immunity. Why can't Jeff PRobst on a National (and very popular) television show correctly pronounce this simple word? It is a word that he uses more than once on each show and has even spawned some of the lesser intelligent watchers to misspell it on their blogs. It is not Ammunity. There is no such word.

*as you can plainly see it is only mispronounciation that bothers me not misspelling. Or is it mispelling?


  1. Does this show the direction of the nation?
    I hope not.

  2. I hear these mistakes and am not bothered a bit. Perhaps it is because I grew up with so many diverse language accents. Nevertheless, I am pleased when people use good English.