Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knee Update

SO the official diagnosis is Rhuematoid Arthirits in the Left knee. There we fun x-rays, and a bunch of probing and prodding with the hands of many Doctors used in making that diagnosis. Many options were bantered around including ultimately knee replacement. WHile that is further down the road, I was more interested in an immediate solution because in case you haven't heard, I leave tonight for a huge trip with my sister. So this past Monday I received a steroid injection (shh don't tell the MLB) into the left side of my left knee. Liquid lead is the description I heard from most people when I mentioned this was going to happen. Others just nodded and sighed. Needless to say I was scared shitless by the time it was going to happen. Even the Doctor did his best:
DR: ALong with the Steroid we are injecting Ladicain as an anesthetic to numb your knee. Because of that you should be pain free immediately following the shot as your knee will be numbish.
ME: Cool
DR: However, I must tell you there will be a window of time where the anesthesia will wear off and the Steroid might not have kicked in yet. At that point you will be in pain until the steroid kicks in.
ME: I have to pick my sister up at the airport at 2pm, whould I be ok til then?
DR: Yes, that will be fine. The anesthesia usually lasts about 8-10 hours.
ME: ok, I've been in pain this long a little more won't kill me. How big a window?
DR: No saying, it is different for everyone.
ME: ok, how much pain?
DR: Enough that in a normal circumstance you will want to go to the Emergency Room. But you can't.

Now I was more scared, but I knew it had to be done. I got my shot (yes, I cried a little, I do hate needles so very much), I left and went home and worried about when the pain would come. I had figured around 5pm the hurtin' would begin, so I did everything I needed to do and settled in for a early night.

I have to tell you, I was not in pain for one single minute! From the moment he pulled that needle out of my knee, I have had no pain in my knee at all. I even went down a flight of stairs yesterday like a normal person. (down stairs have been such a problem) I do now notice the pain in my other knee and my hip more since I am no longer focused on that one spot, but heh, I can deal with those.

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  1. The imaginings of the mind are nearly always more than the reality. Glad that your worst fears were not realized. Have, and enjoy, a nice trip.