Monday, May 5, 2008

At Sea Again

5/2/08 4:40pm
At Sea
What a great day at sea. The weather is perfect (around 80 degrees and sunny, but with a cool breeze) and the pools are packed. We did some trivia (we suck) and we even entered and almost won a slot tournament. I even finished a book (I thing Adrienne has finished 3 on this trip already) so the day was a success.

This is for Rebecca:

This is a tortellini with a light bleu cheese sauce. Believe me, if they had not added the qualifier “light” I would not have tried it, but I am glad that I did, it was delicious.

This is the Coq au Vin from last night. It was OK, but not great (about like all of the meals on board so far).

Coq a Vin

There has not yet been a dessert worthy of a picture.

This is for Sue:
We were playing 9 lines on this and Adrienne hit for $20 (2cent machine) and it was just too pretty not to take a picture of.


The next night we went back to the same machines and we were holding our own for a long time. We made a comment that the seat behind us had a high turn-over rate, one person after another fed in a few coins and walked away. No sooner had we said that than someone sat down and hit for $200. Again, it was too pretty not to take a picture of, even if you are the only one that will appreciate it.

Update: 10:45pm - I could not get a connection before dinner tonight so I am adding these pictures of our table mates. Our waitress is really great with the kids (she has four at home in the Phillipines) and the little boy asked his parents to coach him in how to tell her “you are the nicest girl on the boat.” He ended up being too shy to try it in English but he did tell her in Dutch and then Case (the father) translated for her.


lynn and rob

Jensen kids having fun

Tomorrow is a very busy day. We dock in Egypt at 7am and out tour leaves at 8:30am. The tour is scheduled for 12 hours so we won’t be logging in again until Sunday.

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  1. The Coq au vin looks scrumptious. It is too bad that you are not a gourmand.