Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Of course that was way before my time, but it still holds true. In my time was "Gore takes Florida". The media has a way of "presuming" things so they will be the first to report something. ET the other day reported Anjelina Jolie gave birth because someone saw her at a hospital and they wanted to get the scoop.

It has happened again. Barack Obama has been named the "Presumptive Nominee" for the Democratic party. People all over the net are calling for Hillary Clinton to just concede and unify the party. But, what is not being recognized is that Obama has not actually reached the delegate goal of 2,118. He has not even reached 2,000. He has however a "pledge" from some 329 Super Delegates that "swear" they will vote for him at Convention. By a show of hands, who has ever called in to Jerry's kids or PBS and "pledged" to donate money, but then didn't follow through? That's all their word is - a pledge. Super Delegates can and have changed their minds many many times over the recent months and the more recent weeks. And they can still change their minds up until their actual ballot is cast in Denver.

No, I don't think Hillary should concede, I think this has been good for the party and the country. A lot of things that have happened have truly tested our democratic process and have renewed some's (sic?) faith in the system.

BTW yes, I do hope that Obama does finally receive the nomination, I also hope that he choose Clinton as his VP.

The unity that everyone is screaming for should start at your own front door. Instead of yelling and stomping your feet that Clinton has not stepped down. Support your fellow Democrat in her faith in our system and her perseverence in our party.


  1. Um, not me. If I make a pledge, I honor it. As do I am sure 90% of the people who make pledges.

    Now politicians are a completely different story and not known for their honesty or integrity, but I still think it is a done deal.

    Whether or not Hilary steps down? I could not care less. Except that I would like to see her cemented in the VP slot earlier than later.

    I hate the primary season simply because the democrats have to tear each other down and then suddenly change their mind. "Obama would be terrible for the country" will suddenly become "Obama will be wonderful for the country." I understand it is all a game, but damn it gets tiresome and I am ready for it to be over.

  2. In order for me to apply to be one of the at-large delegates (or alternates) I signed a pledge that promised I would vote for Obama on the first ballot.

    To me, that was as binding as any obligation I would have had if I'd been elected to represent the will of the people.

    (I didn't receive the appointment, by the way).

    As you probably know from seeing my tweets out there, I'm more than a little opposed to her being his running mate, though I do acknowledge that when viewed through the lens of pure demographics, she appears to bring strengths where he has weaknesses.

    On the other hand, what I said last night still stands. I am not prepared for four years of vying for alpha status, nor for enduring the drama that seems to come sweeping through with the Clintons. The mere thought of it just twists me in knots.

  3. In other news…..

    ……The Pittsburgh Penguins, who determined that power play goals do not count, have gratuitously offered to share the Stanley Cup with the Redwings.

    Maria Sharapova, who lost her match earlier this week is planning to withdraw from the French Open this Saturday.

    The Detroit Pistons have plans to open the Palace tonight just in case the Lakers Show up there rather than Boston.


  4. I saw the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup even though I do not watch hockey because it is not broadcast here in Jacksonville. It was a great game and I was amazed at the quality of the passing. There was no place for a rookie in that game. They are better now than ever.

    Speaking of rookies, are you not at all concerned with a rookie president?

  5. Every President is a Rookie, unless it is hie second term.