Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maggie's Gone

About 4:45 pm I heard a car honk outside, so I looked to see if Jade was here to pick up Adam. What I saw was this

Yep, some idiot decided Maggie would be better off with them. As far as I can tell that is all that is missing. I called the Glendale Police Dept immediately and they have yet to arrive! It has been an hour and a half since I called. I find it hard to believe that Glendale has so much crime that 1 officer can not come out and make a quick report. I know that the offender will not be caught I know I will never see my Maggie again, but I would like to secure my car and belongings and can not do that until the police come out. aarrgghh!!

I found a window repair place online that will come to the house tomorrow morning and fix it and got a quote of about $200. Which is nowhere near my deductable, but hopefully Maggie will be covered.

At what time point do I call the Police back and say "where the hell are you?"


  1. Adrienne, that is so crap! I'm so sorry. I remember coming out of Wal-Mart once and finding my back window shattered. GRRRR. Hope insurance helps you guys out...

  2. Poor Maggie! She will miss you.

    I am surprised it happened in broad daylight on such a busy street.

  3. And Maggie is?

    I heard today that the police in California make an extremely good salary. Are they making so much that they can't be bothered with filling out reports?

  4. Actually, they'll probably take the report over the phone. There's not much an officer can do by coming to your house. ETU may come by to gather evidence, but the report can be done by someone at a desk.

  5. Maggie is my Navigational system.

    I too was surprised E and the worst part is I THINK I HEARD IT AND IGNORED THE NOISE. We are too immune to these things too think they will never happen to us or on such a busy street.

    I wish they would have taken the report over the phone, I asked them too, but they insisted on coming out to the house. They finally arrived almost 3 hours after my initial call.

  6. Sorry to hear about your window. I've had to deal with broken windows twice now. I still find glass in my trunk and it's been about 2 years now.

    Funny're right by my part of town ;-)