Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Truth About Lying- as told by a Liar

Everybody lies. It happens, little white lies, fibs, untruths, stories call it what you want, and it is still a lie.

But why does everybody lie?

Sometimes so they won’t hurt someone else’s feelings – Do I look fat in this? The answer is never yes and therefore is usually a lie, because actually that dress makes your ass look ginormous.

Sometimes you lie to make yourself look good. What height and weight are on your driver’s license?

But most times people lie because they have either done something wrong and don’t want to get in trouble – No officer I wasn’t speeding (not only were you speeding but you quickly looped your seat belt on).

Or they are embarrassed by their actions – I got it on sale and I had a coupon and and and nothing you paid full price and you yourself know that that price was overpriced but you paid it anyways.

These are all simple lies.

But what about when it hits closer to home? Another liar once told me she wasn’t lying, she was withholding information. Information that she did not want him to know, because she was ashamed? Because she was wrong? Because she knew she really didn’t have a right to demand things from him that she wasn’t willing to give herself? Who knows, but she lied.

If you see a friend with someone other than their spouse, are you lying to them by withholding that information?

Can lying be ok on a case by case basis? And who makes the ruling? The Liar or the one being lied to (Lie-e)?

I lied to my mother many times as a teen, and usually about stupid stuff. Sometimes I lied, just to lie. Just to see if she would fall for it, and being someone who loved me for no good reason other than I was me, she usually did. And I hurt her. I never got to tell her I was sorry. I had many chances, but I was ashamed and never did.

Don’t let your chances slip away. Don’t lie just to lie.

p.s. and don’t ask a question you don’t want the truthful answer to.


  1. One thing I learned was don't ask a question you're not going to believe the answer to anyway.

  2. I don't get as upset about lying as other seem to. Maybe I will change my tune when Jackson is cabable of doing it convincingly and about things that matter.

    I once had a boyfriend tell me that he had had sex with two women at once. He was adamant that I was upset because I thought he was lying. I tried to explain that I could not care less if he was lying; I was upset because he thought that was something that would impress me.

  3. I sense that you are feeling better after having written this.