Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Party's Over

I belong to a Social Media site called Twitter. In 140 caharacters or less people all over the world post anything from deep thoughts to random idiocy to meaningful conversations. The information about the death of Tim Russert was all over Twitter long before it was officially announced on MSNBC. In that trend two US Congressmen John Culberson (R TX 07) and Tim Ryan (D OH 17) are also Twitter users, posts live from the floor. Although it has just been brought to light that some of COngressman Ryan's posts were done by members of his staff, it is still a major step in the right technological direction.

Today members of the Democratic Party have tried to squelch the First Amendment rights of these two Congressmen who are communicating in real time with not only their constituents but with the rest of us as well.

To be honest, I son't have all the details and would not claim to have a rock solid hold on the whys and wherefores of this happening. In that fashion I would like to direct your attention to some friends of mine. Karoli is a regular political blogger and about as left as you can get. To read her post defending the rights of a Republican Congressman upped her respect level from me beyond belief. Aaron is a staunch Non-Partisian and always ready to stand up and fight for what is right. I have learned many things from him in both Social Media and Politics.

I urge you to check out their posts, do some research of your own and maybe even blog about it on your site. Let's get the word out that the Freddom of Speech belongs to everyone, even if they are a Congressman.

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  1. It galls me to think that any elected Representative would try to stop another from communicating as he/she sees fit. It's wrong and at this point, I'm going to assume it's the result of ignorance. If it's not, then they've got some serious explaining to do, because we have this little thing called the First Amendment that would apply to elected representatives the same way it applies to the rest of us.