Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall Fashion

Jessica is holding a contest and I want to win. In order to win I have to enter and in order to enter I have to blog about my favorite fashion trend for Fall 2008.

As you all know I am nothing if not a maven to the denizens of the fashion world. What with my ill fitting (sometimes too tight, sometimes too baggy - same pair of pants mind you) capris and lest we forget my revered Crocs (don't knock til you tried em!).

But I really really really want to win the Flip video so here goes.

I did a Google search for Fall 2008 Fashion Trends. Plaids, Blues, Betsey Johnson all seem to be the norm for this coming season. But what the pictures showed me were pencils wearing all of these items. I my dear reader am not a pencil, I am a Marks-A-Lot jumbo sized thank you. So none of that appealed to me. Then I went to Avenue website to see what they had showing for Fall and while nice, still the pieces just look like they are made for rails not bales.

Now what?

I go back and re-read Jessica's contest rules and realize this contest is sponsored by Wal-Mart, so what the heck let's go see what they have. Lo and behold I find something I like right off the bat, it's not blue or plaid but it is in their New Styles section so that counts right? And it is definately more in my price range than anything Betsey Johnson will ever make.
*for the record, I adore Betsey Johnson but let's face it, her stuff looks much better on Jade than on me


  1. Very smart. Suck up to the sponsor. You are a shoe in.

  2. I love this style of top! It looks good if you are 12 or well over 12. It looks good if you have Boobies or no boobies. VERY SMART STYLE. Now, let's work on those crocs. I have a better shoe for you that you will LOVE....the FIT FLOP. I love mine, my booty is now firmer than ever!