Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where to Begin?

Uncle Marcel commented: "I am not excited about any of this, basicly because I am used to seeing something like this every year. Most of the time the eventual marketing studies reveal that buyers will not pay for it, and it all dies a quiet death."

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you are referring to "concept" cars and yes I agree with your statement in that regard.

But what I was shown at the Ford Western Regional Headquarters did not have anything to do with "concept". everything we saw had been tried and tested and proven. We were there to be made aware and in turn to make you aware. And aware I was made.

In respect of full disclosure. I have always loved FORD. You can fill in the acronym any way you personally want but to me it will always be FORD is meant "FOR Driving". *That's totally something I just made up and if anyone at Ford wants to use it, it will only cost you a new Flex!

Let me also lay this disclaimer on you. This was a "media" event. I have never thought of myself as a member of the media, hell I barely think of myself as a Blogger. I am by no means a Journalist and I hold those that are in high regard. I'm just a girl (shut up Gwen Stefani) who writes a blog.

There were some serious journalists there. People who write about cars and things having to do with cars for a living, for fun and for formal information. It was interesting to meet them and to realize that things I was looking at in the cars we were shown were of no interest to most of them.

I also met some great people at Ford. Mr. John Clinard is the Manager, Western Regional Communications. He made a point of telling the assembled group about Grandpa's tenure with Ford. It made me very proud. He used Grandpa as an example of how Ford has been commited to it's employees throughout the years and vice versa. That is truly was a family business. I appreciated that. *if anyone reading this has had "problems" with Ford, this is not the forum. Take your trolling elsewhere please.

This is getting too long. Tomorrow I will tell you a little about something I learned about that is better than Hybrid. Then over the weekend I will let you in on the cars I drove in and give you a peek at the Flex (my new dream car).

BTW I totally forgot to bring my camera, so I am going to start sucking up to the new friends I made to see if I can provide some non-stock photos for you.

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