Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did you watch this?

This is part one of the Couric Palin interview from last week. Did you watch this? Do you still have faith in her? Check out the "web only" release below as well.

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  1. Palin is my gal. She is better qualified to be president than Barack in my view.
    Couric is a mental lightweight and a closet democratic hack. She would never question Barack's qualifications for president. I admire the patience of all political candidates who put-up with fools like her.
    BTW: All of this video was broadcast repeatedly on CBS; not only the web.

  2. Wow! Really?

    So imagine if you will that Obama had picked a running mate similar to Palin. Imagine the republican glee in asking this democrat how her foreign policy experienced was enhanced by living next to Russia. Imagine how hard you would laugh.

    We are laughing just that hard. SNL hardly had to change a word to make their skit hysterical. But the fact that serious people are taking her seriously just makes it sad.

    Of course, it must be the reporters fault for asking her inappropriate questions about lobbying, regulation, foreigh policy, etc.