Sunday, October 19, 2008

If Only

I went to see W. yesterday. Make no mistake, I am smart enough to realize that this movie was written and directed by Democrats. It is painfully obvious. But it was still a good movie.

The public scenes were all fact based and taken from public record. There was some actual footage used and I believe that the press conference scenes are verbatim. But the stuff in the "War Room" has to be fictional and yet are probably the parts that will get the most attention, as it clearly depicts that the War on Terrorism is actually and factually (according to the movie) a War for Oil. It goes into great detail with Cheney explaining the oil fields of the world and making grandious gestures about how we need to be the oil empire.

The saddest part is those fictional scenes showed W. at his best, it is in those fictional scenes that we see him stand up to Cheney, that we hear him espouse intelligent thought processing. But in the true to life public scenes, well, that's where we see the "real" W.

We also delve a bit deeper into the relationship (or lack thereof) between the two Georges. I am not a student of the Bush family, nor do I want to be, so I have no way of knowing if any of this inormation is factual or fictional (and I am too lazy today to do the research on it), but it makes a whole hell of a lot of sense. The movie shows W.'s acohol problem but not in a diminishing way, it shows his breakthrough with his pastor and how his faith helped to turn him around. It shows the dismissive nature his father used with him and the disappointment that was procurred as a result of W.'s lack of focus in his life and inability to hold down a job. It also shows that Jeb was dad's favorite and implies that W.'s run into politics was a way to one up his brother. Total sibling rivalry. When played out it totally makes sense. And makes a good movie.

The characters in this film were SPOT ON! I would have sworn that Dick CHeney was played by himself only later to be stumped by the fact that it was really Richard Dreyfuss. The Condoleeza Rice was amazing, I don't think I have ever heard her speak so if the voice was on that just blows me away. Josh Brolin plays W. from college to present and with the help of lighting and make up you believe he is who he is playing. I did have a problem with Cromwell playing the elder Bush as he is a much taller man than I think of Bush as being.

My favorite quote form the movie was (and I forget who said it) "Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be." Sit on that for a while, we may adress it in a future post.

And for you Republicans/Conservatives reading this, my favorite scene was at the "Mission Accomplished" point of the Iraq War. W. is congratulating his War Room and Cheney and Powell are off to the side.

Powell: "We did it, we called it right"
Cheney: "We, Kimo Sabe?" (I know, huh)
Powell: "What? Everything happened as it should"
Cheney: "Not everything, YOU should have been President"


Hearing that floored me, I knew Powell had been a thought for the Presidency some time ago, but I wonder if it ever was a serious thought in the Republican party. I clearly stated that this was in the War Room, so how factual this conversation is, is unbeknownst to me.

Having said that, I bring you to today's news. Colin Powell on Meet the Press (how I miss Tim Russert!)

Tell me your thought on his endorsement.


  1. I knew about the movie but had little intrest in it. Your review has peaked my intrest and I plan on seeing it soon.

    Some history: Colin Powell would have been nominated if he had wanted it. His wife was fearful for his safety and did not want him to run, so he diidn't.

  2. Thank you so much Adrienne! I'm so glad I was able to watch this. Colin Powell is very well spoken. Impressive. Another thing that concerns me about McCain is that he has said he's not very comfortable using the internet and barely knows how to email! I think in these times I want my president to be comfortable with basic technology! ~Laura

  3. Thanks for the review of "W". Very interesting. I thought it would be a complete Bush bashing work of fiction like Michael Moore's diatribes. BTW: senior Bush IS a tall man.

  4. Colin Powell seriously considered a presidential run in 1995. He claims he did not run because his wife was against it, but it is thought that he did not run because the only issue - the ONLY issue - where he is viewed as a conservative is national defense. Powell, like Mayor Bloomberg, is overwhelming liberal in his beliefs.

    As for the movie, none of the war room scenes are based on reality. All of the major players in the movie, from Bush to Powell, from Rove to Rumsfeld, were NOT interviewed by anyone associated with the movie.

  5. You've definitely piqued my interest in the movie. Even if the war room scenes are pure fiction, it sounds like a great way to spend a couple of hours.

    Thanks for the review!

  6. I saw the movie today and will soon post my take on it on my blog. Tonight I am watching the World Serious.

  7. I have toyed with going to see this movie. Knowing it was directed by the liberal slant it made me hesitant. I would like to see it, but have decided to wait until the DVD, I just can't find it within myself to financially support anymore of the liberal hollywood and media.