Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pants on Fire

The troopergate report that came out on Friday you can read the document in it's 263 page entirety here. The findings are simple, while Governor Palin is legally able to fire whomever she pleases, the Alaskan Legislature (Majority of which is Republican) found her to be in violation of the Ethics code. But clearly either Governor Palin can not read or refuses to believe things she sees in print.

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  1. Hey Adrienne,

    Just want to state right up front that I don't know all the details, nor am I defending what Sarah Palin did (or didn't do).

    But I just wanted to get your opinion.

    The last thing I heard was that the law said that there was supposed to be a "financial gain" in order for it to be unethical. I don't think that Sarah Palin got any financial gain out of the deal, so that would explain her feeling vindicated, legally. However, was it ethically right? No, and the wording of the law will probably change because of it.

    I thought the word "Troopergate" was rather amusing, so I Googled it. And I found a link with that word referring to Bill Clinton and his activities with Arkansas State Troopers, Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers. From what I recall, Clinton was said to have used his political power to get troopers to supply him with ladies. Paula Jones sued. Clinton eventually SETTLED. Did he have financial gain? No. Was it ethically right? Again, no.

    So here is where I am asking your opinion.

    What did you think of Bill Clinton, in the highest office of the country, and his ability to govern, given that he also had demonstrated his ability to abuse power as a governor? And if you think he was a fine President, why should a similar thing keep Sarah Palin from doing a good job, in a lower office?

    Cousin Tim.