Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How I Voted and Why

I know that voting is a private matter and how you vote is your own business. I have had some ask my opinion on certain propositions here in California and save one (can you guess which one?) I have tried to be non-partisian in my understanding and explanation. But now that the vote has come and gone and the results are probably in (I am typing this on Monday evening in the anticipation I will be too dang tired from 16 hours at the polls on Tuesday).

President and Vice President:
Barack Obama and Joe Biden - I believe that Obama and Biden will be the team to bring the country out of the state it is in. I believe that throuhg their election we can stop being red states and blue states and go back to being the United States.

U.S. Representative:
Adam Schiff - I have known Adam for quite some time on a personal level and have agreed with most everything he has done in his last term.

State Senate
Carol Liu - As the Assemblymember of a neighboring area, I have seen good things done up there and agree with the endorsement of her predecessor Jack Scott.

Paul Krekorian - I voted for him in 2006 and continue to support him.

this one all decisions were based upon the advice of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and my in house attorney.

State Measures:

1A High Speed Rail - YES, completely selfish reasons, I want to be able to get to San Francisco in 2 hours without flying. I know it may be a teensy bit fiscally irresponsible and probably not pass in the wake of the financial crisis that California is in. But my vote is not based on popular opinion it is solely based on my opinion.

2 Confining Farm Animals - YES, again probably not the most fiscally responsible decision (stop screaming at your computer Kathy), but something about we shouldn't HAVE to say treat the damn animals nicely before you kill em! No I'm not going to go vegetarian because I CARE about the health and well being of animals, but you see the dairy council put out commercials about "Happy Cows" and then you see the actualy treatment of them. It is sickening! I will pay a penny more per egg.

3 Children's Hospital Bond Act - YES, really are you going to vote against Children's Hospital?

4 Waiting period and parental consent - NO, I would hope in a perfect world everyone could talk to their parents about everything, but the world we live in today is not perfect.

5 Non Violent Drug Offenders - NO, I don't want the judicial hands tied as to how they can or can not sentence someone who is a drug offender. Rehab is good but sometimes it isn't enough.

6 Police Funding - YES, again are you gonna vote against Police funding?

7 Renewable Energy - NO, this decision was based on the representation form the Sierra Club and other proponents who stated while this was a good idea, it is poorly written and needs more working to get it right.

8 Constitutional Amendment - NO, no one should be discriminated for ANY reason. Marriage has absolutely NOTHING to do with your religious beliefs. A church can not legally marry two people. Your preacher or priest or with doctor can pronounce you man and wife all night long and twice on Sunday but it don't mean diddly squat without the liscense from the state. And the state should not be deciding who can and can not love each other. Should we decide that blacks can not marry whties? That Dodger Fans can not marry Angels Fans? Take that entire initiative and change the word gay to Black and you have just stepped right back in the 50's. Are you comfortable with that?

9 Victim's Rights - YES, I believe a victim should be involved or at the very least be made aware of parole statuses and releases.

10 Alternative Fuel - YES, again this is based on the recommendation of the Sierra Club et. al.

11 Redistricting - YES, this one was tough, but after listening to some of the explanations of how the committes would be formed (by way of a jury pooling with equal numbers from all parties including non-partisans and committee members can have never held or run for public office), I think it may turn out to be a good idea.

12 Veterans Bond Act - YES, really? you're going to vote against Veterans also? Shame on you! Not me, no siree, give em anything they want. If it comes down to everyone has to take in a Vet for a month, sign me up. (BTW Baking Gals boxes went out this week!)

R Traffic Relief - YES, have you sat in traffic in LA?

So that is it for me. Based on what you know now, how did I do? Do we agree or disagree? DOesn't matter I still love you and I hope you feel the same about me!


  1. Quite an extensive and impressive listing. I don't agree with some of your choices but will defend your right to express them. (Not to the death though.)

  2. I appreciate your defense. It is better than my own sister who harshly called me an "idiot" and meant it.

    It saddens me that some can not respect others opinions and what saddens me more is when they are family and should love and respect you no matter what.

    It not only saddens me, but it deeply hurts as well.

  3. So much for give me your opinion, I'll still love you. "Idiot" which succintly expresses my opinion about your vote was meant good naturedly, not disrepectfully, but you quickly jumped to the defense and got abusive.

    Don't ask for my opinion if you don't want it. More importantly, if you did read the entire proposition and you purposely voted yes to such a flawed and distructive measure, I'm sorry for your hard feelings toward those accused and convicted of crimes. That proposition is unreasonably harsh and will harm our state. My opinion.

    Follow Gretchen's advice and don't take it so personally.