Thursday, February 26, 2009


My daughter recieves W.I.C. it is a special supplemental nutrition prgram for Women Infants and Children. She will continue to receive this supplement as long as her youngest child is under 5 and she remains in the low income category. It is not food stamps per se but it can be equivocated to goverment cheese.

She recieves foodstuffs to fortify herself and the kids in the way of - formula for the babies, milk, cereal, peanut butter, beans and juice. Items are for specific quantities and sometimes specific brands.

Since I am the main grocery shopper in the house I am on her form as a signer and shopper. The formula is a whole nother post because the cost of formula is beyond outrageous and I don't know how any new parents can afford it without help. The milk is a big help as we go through approx a gallon or more a day if me Marisa and Caitlyn are all home. The peanut butter is a definate staple as Caitlyn's favorite food is a peanut butter sandwich preferably on wheat but the change of the wind or air pressure could change the bread preference at any given moment - even after the peanut butter is spread. The cereal is a bit much, Caitlyn will only eat so many cheerios (cereal is something that is limited to certain brands), but we can get some that Adam likes and that helps on my grocery bill. The juices are apple and pineapple, apple is great. All the kids drink that (when I say kids I mean mine and theirs). It's the pineapple that no one likes. It has to be a 100% pineapple juice with 120% vitamin C, and only 1 brand meets those critereon - Langer's. We have 2 of the 3 bottles from last month left over and a coupon for 3 more that will expire in a couple of weeks.

Herin lies my dilema - should we get the juice and give it to a friend of the family (if anyone wants it), should we just not get it or should we get it and give it to a food bank (all the local food banks are really hurting)? And no, she can't switch it for anything else.


  1. i think you should get it an give it away. many families and food banks would appreciate it. if you don't know someone you can give it to, a food bank would gladly accept it. the point of wic is to provide good nutrition and guide you to healthier eating, and as long as it is gong to someone i think it is better. i am not sure how it all works but i believe that if it is not used, it is just more tax dollars down the toilet. good for you for even considering what would be the right thing to do. janet

  2. Can't you get any flavor Juicy Juice? I've always gotten Juicy Juice when I've had WIC. Double check your product list....I've never heard of anyone only being able to get two types of juice.

  3. I used to give away some of my milk each time, because there was NO WAY we could drink it, but I had a neighbor who could really use it. I don't know the legality of it all, but I know that it was better then letting it go to rot in my fridge.

  4. I can't stand peanut butter, so I'd get it and give it to the food bank. I know that they can ALWAYS use the extra stuff!