Thursday, February 19, 2009

You be the judge

While shopping at Costco these last few months they have had a booth set up in the front urging shoppers to apply for their Amex card. The incentive for signing up is two months extension on your membership and a case of water.

My credit score is in the negative numbers (I know I know I know). So I know I will not get approved, but I apply anyways. I have done this now 3 times. I have essentially (so far) extended my membership by 6 months for free.

My feeling is that they can check in their computer (they enter your data immedaitely and give you results) and see that I have applied before and if they so choose they can deny my ability to apply. However, there is nothing there that says you may only do it once and I have applied with the same person each time.

When I mentioned this to someone IRL they accused me of stealing from Costco and ergo stealing from the members. I don't think it is stealing, you never know, perhaps my credit rating changed from one month to the next and perhaps I will get approved next time. Highly unlikely but hey it could happen.

If however, they suddenly put up a one time only policy I'm ok with that as well, it's their perrogative.

Tell me what you think, is it stealing or is it ok?

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  1. Definately not stealing. They are asking you to apply and you are applying. If you were putting in false information because you did not want a card and only wanted the incentives for applying that would be stealing. Accepting incentives and doing what is asked of you, not stealing.