Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Behind Schedule

I had a couple of posts planned for this week, but I didn't get them written and scheduled before I got called in to work a show. I was emailed about 11pm on Tiesday to go to the COnvention center at 7:45 am and plan to work to 1:45 pm. Sure, no problem. When I got there they asked me to stay until 9pm. Uh ok, cept I didn't bring a lunch, or a dinner. But hey who am I to turn down a paycheck.

The show made me laugh from the very beginning. It is the World Financial Group's Annual Convention and their theme this year is......wait for it.......The Convention of CHAMPIONS!

Are you frikkin kidding me?! Champions of what exactly? In their welcome statement on the first page of the literature they speak of "wiping the slate clean" and it being "a whole new ballgame". I couldn't hold the laughter in. ALl the attendees were in good spirits, and most nattily dressed. Of course attendance is approximately 7,000 less than it was last year, but that is the norm with all shows I have worked recently.

ANyhoo, I have a great review coming up of an awesome balloon artist I met at a random point in my travels about town, I have many other things to discuss with you as well, but for now, I am on again tomorrow for another 14 hour shift so it is off to bed.


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  1. Wow you go girl! You rock and no worries we're hanging here. Don't worry I'm behind getting out my pay it forward gifts ... LOL