Saturday, April 25, 2009


My dream the other night was odd to say the least. To some of you this will mean absolutely nothing to others, parts will be significant, to me? I am totally confused.

It was at the house on Navy. (My dreams often hapen there) Gretchen and Mom were throwing me a baby shower (ish). Gretchen had made a TON of cut up fruit for fruit salad. Fruit was EVERYWHERE covering all surfaces in the kitchen. The refrigerator was not in the hole in the wall but the hole was bright and filled with cut up fruit. Perhaps the fridge was there and the door was open. Mom was around intermittently, she was not a factor but would make etheral appearances. (She was never an etheral person so that is odd to me.)

The guests started arriving (and leaving, they would just disappear and others would arrive). At one point Mr. and Mrs. Fritz came. She represented my memory of her pretty well, but he was named Alberto and had a very thick accent. (I know that Mr. Fritz's name is Bob and as for accent, I doubt it, but I can't honestly think of any specific time he spoke directly to me.) Another set of "recognizable" guests were Mr. and Mrs. Grefka, they only appeared for a very brief amount of time.

The strangest guests I think were the Walker's. (Jillie Walker is a school friend of Marisa;s from Elementary school.) Mr. and Mrs. Walker (They are my peers and yet I don't know their first names.) were a surprise. Gretchen invited them "knowing I would want them there". When Mrs. Walker hugged me, she didn't want to let go she was afraid if she let go "something bad would happen". I responded that I had been through so much already what was there left?

Fade to new scene. (Having a dream is like living in a screenplay) Everyone (who they are I have no idea now, but I did while I was there), is set up in the front bedroom and the front room of the house on Navy and I am passing out Baby Bingo cards. The cards I am passing out have big holes (purposefully I assume as they are not ragged but formed) where the number's are, so that when you try to cover the called number your cover falls through.

And that is it, that is when one of the twins started crying and woke me up.

I dream alot, I don't often remember my dreams, but this one has stuck with me for more than an hour after waking. I don't usually like to "analyze" my dreams, but I can't seem to shake this one.

ps. Mom is often in my dreams, sometimes sick, sometimes as she was, sometimes with no pain at all.

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  1. It's funny that I should read this post today. Last night I had a dream. It was you, me and Erika and you were saying something to me, but I couldn't hear you, so I asked you to repeat what you said, which you did but you were mad that you had to repeat yourself and I still couldn't make out what you were saying. Now you were really frustrated that I wasn't listening and I was thinking--is she mumbling--what does she want. So I tried to watch your lips when you repeated it again, but you tilted your head down and I just couldn't make out what you were saying. I remember looking at Erika to see if she heard you, but she was just sitting there.

    When I woke up, I thought, I should have asked you to write it down.