Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I need your help

I am at a crossroads and need to make na important decision regarding this blog.

I have been doing Pay Per Posts (They are the ones with the sponsor tag at the end of them) and have earned a little bit of money from doing them (only about $10 so far). I have been very particular in the posts that I will accept. I don't want to write about anything that I can not make pertain to me or my family. I have about 75 subscribers right now, but honestly I still write mostly for my family. I love that I get comments on those posts, it shows that I have done what I set out to do and that you are accepting of it.

I also have an advertising network. The BlogHer ad network has decided that because I have done Pay Per Post (PPP), they are suspending my account. BlogHer is a fabulous netwrok of amazing women (and some men), but I can still be a part of the BlogHer family at large without being a member of their ad network. I have only received about $25 from those ads, in the past year. In order to continue with BlogHer Ads, I would have to remove my previous PPP's and agree to do no more.

Emotionally, I would love to continue with BlogHer Ads, but fiscally, it really doesn't make sense. Granted, I am not planning on making a living on this blog, my writing does not warrant that. I am ok with that. However, I enjoy the PPP's and I think that I would be doing myself a financial disservice to just throw away the PPP option.

What do you think? Does the fact that I do sponsored posts belittle my credibility with you?

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  1. I'll be curious to see what others have to say about this. Personally, it isn't a big deal to me either way. I don't really like the sponsored posts though, because I read blogs because I like the people and want to peep into their lives, see what's going on with them, what they are thinking about... and sponsored posts just aren't an organic part of that flow, to me. But like I said, it doesn't stop me from reading a blog if they are done well, and the blogger still manages to make them personal and interesting.

  2. Adrienne- Absolutely not. And I made the exact same decision- I had BlogHer ads on Table for Five, and was making about $35-$40 a month from them. When I realized I could make that per week from PPP, and learned that BlogHer ads wouldn't ALLOW me to have paid posts on my blog (or accept any product worth more than $40), I cancelled my ad account.

    I think BlogHer ads are a great choice for some people. But I can't let them decide for me what kinds of posts I have on my blog. And how does accepting products worth more than $40 interfere with running ads? I just didn't get it.

    This is your blog, and it's for you to decide what you do with it. Have you joined Social Spark? The opps are from major brand names and they pay well, plus there are also link-only and pay-per-click ads. If you do join, you can join my "Crew" which is SparkBloggers, too :)

    You rock. Keep doing what feels right to you!