Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I consider myself to be a firm believer and executer of the Democratic Way. I not only look at things from both sides (I can't help it even if I don't want to, I HAVE to), but sometimes I end up looking at them from as many sides as a 3 dimensional cube. It is amazing to see that quite a few things that so many things people think are very clear and even "black and white" are really in so many various shades of grey and have multiple sides, versions, outcomes that just get pushed by the wayside when you only think 1 dimensionally.

But right now I am having a hard time trying to understand the reasoning behind why I had to sit for 2.5 hours in a hard metal chair in a room that didn't have air conditioning and listen to something I have heard over and over again.

You see, our lovely Governator has called for a "Special Election". this would be the lovely Governator, who when he ran after Gray Davis was recalled, ran on one major platform (yes this is a direct quote) "I will NEVER raise taxes on Californians, PERIOD." He was supposed to reign in the overspending and get us back on our feet WITHOUT having to raise taxes. Instead what he has done is make more cuts to education and other social issues and AND AND he raised taxes this year! Car tax is one of the Hated things that Gray Davis wanted to raise and was one of the main reasons for the recall election that was his demise. Guess what? The Governator DOUBLED the car tax last month. SMall businesses all over California are hurting even more than they have been because if they have a fleet of trucks or business vehicles, their costs have just doubled for this fiscal year.

So, after the taxes have been raised and the cuts have been made, what is his next brilliant move? (btw he has already stated he is not running again, so he pretty much is a lame duck at this point) This is where we get to why I sat in a metal folding chair for 2.5 hours. Our loverly Governator called a Special Election. there are 6 Propositions on the Ballot and each one is more confusing than the other and some depend on another to pass in order for it to even matter.

This is why it is important to look at things from all sides. Don't say I am a Republican so I vote NO on all taxes! Or I am a Democrat we need more taxes for blah blah and blah. You have to actually read between all the lines. You have to do your research, you have to know that you are not only exercising your right to vote, but that you are making an informed decision and that you are making it to the best of your ability.

And here I am coming at it from another angle. In that same measure there is no wrong or right vote on these measures. You may disagree with someone elses vote but that doesn't make either one of you wrong, or as my sister likes to call me when she and I disagree on a ballot "stupid". It just means that you disagree.

I will try my best over the next week (ish) to post about each of the 6 propositions and give you information and not opinion (well maybe a little opinion at the end, this is afterall MY blog). But (whoo hoo) I am working a temp job this week and next so don't hold your breath. If you live in California, read your sample ballot, go to the Secretary of State's web site and research the propositions for yourself. that way if/when I post you can gice your opinion too.

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  1. All that is well and good. Why did you have to sit in a chair for 2.5 hours?

  2. Whoops sorry, because there is an election, I had to sit through Pollworker training AGAIN.

  3. The Pollworker job is very important and I am glad to see that they do the training each election. Suggestion: Get to be the trainer for that class. If that is out of reach, bring a pillow for the next training. Just thinking about your bottom.