Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Branson by Way of Fantasy

My mom took a trip to Branson some time ago, with the bus travelling group from Holliday park. From what I can remember her telling me of it, she had a great time. My reason for always wanting to go is explained by the color purple. Purple has always been my favorite color and I think it is because Donny Osmond wore purple socks.

He and David Soul (sp.?) from Starsky and Hutch were my big childhood crushes. As an adult when I heard they ( the Osmond Brothers) would be performing in Branson, I told myself one day I would go. But it hasn't happened yet and I don't know that it ever will. Luckily Donny and Marie now perform in Vegas often and there is a much better chance of me going there at least a couple of times a year.

But play along with me as I take a fantastical trip to Branson, maybe one day it will actually happen.

We start our trip at the Hilton Promenade at Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel both of which offer guests access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk and other attractions (like the Osmond Theater). Hilton has an awesome service that I have not seen offered by other hotel chains. You can go online and order extra amenities ahead of time. I know I am going to need extra pillows, even when staying alone I need extra pillows, you can request addition towels to be placed in your room. Perhaps your flight is arriving at an innopportune time and you know you're going to be hungry? You can even make the request to have certain food items awaiting you. Planning ahead is one of my favorite travel activities (isn't that right Erika?).

Walking down the main strip you can stop in and see everything from the Titanic Museum to the American Bandstand Theater (with lunch at Dick Clark's American Grill), You can veer off over to Yakov Smirnov's Theater (how many of you are old enough to remember him?), and continue on to see the Ripleys and the Wax Museum and Finish with dinner at the Hard Luck Cafe.

Silver Dollar CityImage by ishane via Flickr

Of course the Osdmonds can't be the only show we see, we will have to stay a couple of days to take in the new Peter Pan show with Cathy Rigby. And the 12 Irish Tenors show definately looks like something I would enjoy. During the day we can head over to Silver Dollar City and check out the 1880's themed attraction, take in some shopping at the ultiple outlet malls and as most of my days revolve around the eating of food, there are plenty of places to satisfy those cravings as well.

Thanks for coming along on this fantastical trip with me, hopefully one day it will no longer be "fantastical" and will actually be a reality.


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