Saturday, July 4, 2009

And so it Continues

When I take the car to the local Pep Boys to "have a code pulled" they inform me that not only did the "code" mention the thermostat but it also indicated 2 problems with my transmission.


I had a feeling it was the transmission in the first place but was relieved to find out it was the thermostat at the first Pep Boys.

While approaching the Cajon I had felt the car having a hard time shifting when going up the mountains and so I would shift into a lower gear. I noticed that the car was revving into the 4-5 rpm's stage when shifting. I knew that wasn't right. Which is why I was insistent that everyone that looked at the car check the trans fluid. I gues you can't actually check the trans itself without pulling a code or having the trans actually go out on your completely.

So, I sob inwardly a bit and ask "what do I do now". The Pep Boys guy informs me they don't do transmission work so he doesn't know the extent of damage as correalated by the dreaded codes. But he will give me a coupon for the local Aamco to get a free scan done and I can decide from there.

In the meantime I am working the BET Awards and put off going to Aamco until I have a free moment. When I do call for an appointment I am told their scan takes 3 HOURS! 3 hours! That's is a helluva long ass scan. Ok fine, drop off the car and bum a ride home (thanks Chris!) and sit and wait and worry. In the meantime, my so called friends on Twitter are all regaling me with tales of woe about their Transmission problems, being ever so encouraging NOT.

5 hours after drop off the call comes, the car is going to cost almost $3,000 to fix and won't be done until Monday (because of the damn holiday on Saturday).

Marisa and my firned Sylvia have been nice enough to loan me their cars whe they are not using them, so I haven't been totally housebound all weekend. And Kathy is loaning me the money, so the car will be in tip top condition (maybe I should get them to throw in an oil change) when I pick it up.
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