Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shopping Trip

My blog has been living in the land of make-believe over the last few days so why not take it one step further. Let’s make believe that money is no object and that I have lost about two hundred pounds. Ok, see now isn’t everything rosy with these glasses on?

We have a new “mall” here in Glendale called the Americana at Brand (they held a contest to name it and a friend of mine won). In this mall are shops that I can not either afford or fit, so now that I am “rich and skinny” LET”S GO SHOPPING!

The Armani Exchange has great denim, and by denim I mean jeans.

These are my 3 favorite pairs:

The Potassium Straight Leg

The AX Pocket Boot Cut

The Embroidered Skinny Flare Fit

Okay maybe I would need to lose more than two hundred pounds for that last one.

I love dark denim and I enjoy a good fitting jean. If it is too tight, you not only can’t breathe but wearing jeans is supposed to be about being comfortable. I think I could be comfortable in these (remember we are in fantasyland here).

The Armani Exchange has denim starting at $98. And every day until July 31st, they are giving away a pair of denim jeans in a contest called text AX - try to win by texting “DENIM2″ to ARMANI (276264). Also if you purchase a pair of jeans between July 7 - July 19 at full price, you’ll get a gift card worth $20 to use on your next purchase of $100 or more (between July 30 - August 15).


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