Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer is in Full Swing with PBS KIDS®!

Here are some cool tips from the experts at PBS KIDS on how to help ensure that your kids have a fun, safe and active hot-weather season…no matter what your budget is:

Driving to Grandma’s house? Or have an exciting getaway in store? Here are some great FREE ideas courtesy of to keep kids of all ages engaged during family trips!

o Have a sing-a-long! Sing your favorite tunes from Sesame Street along with other songs…
o Take turns playing games with your child. Find something inside or outside the car and have your children guess what you see by giving hints. Explore the world like Sid the Science Kid!
o Invite your child to be an "alphabet detective" by finding all the letters around them. Players might find an "a" in a road sign and a "b" on a license plate and more – take a page from the Super WHY gang and have fun with the alphabet.
o Use "car time" to talk to your child about everyday activities and events, whether it's how leaves change color in the fall or what makes a great friend. Maya and Miguel know that happiness is the greatest when it’s shared!

Plan an awesome “stay-cation” and keep your kids happy with a few of these summer fun suggestions!

o For preschoolers, slip on your sneakers, pack water bottles and hit the trail! Make the adventure even more fun with a kid-friendly scavenger hunt in search of things you might find along the way.
o For school-age kids, set up a tent in your own backyard, roll out the sleeping bags and melt marshmallows in the microwave to make s’mores. No need to send kids to sleep away camp to get a taste of the great outdoors.
o For everyone, make some popcorn, snuggle up and tune in together to PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS GO!
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