Friday, July 10, 2009

Theater Night

Kathy invited me to join her at our local theatre in the round The Glendale Center Theater to see Oklahoma.

I had to admit to her that I had never see the entire movie all the way through, but was excited to do so.

I really enjoy our local theater. It has been a family run business for many many years. The Dietlin's have owned, run and performed in this theater Each year at Christmas time we go there and enjoy the Christmas Carol.

It is cozy and nice to see familiar faces in the crowd and on the stage. You recognize different performers from previous plays and yet, they blend in to whatever play they are doing at the time.

The perks of being in the Los Angeles, nee, Hollywood area is that sometimes you see faces that you recognize from TV and movies.

All in all a good fun evening.

If you have a local theater group, get out and support them.
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  1. I am so jealous. I love that theater and I love Oklahoma. I hate both of you.

  2. If I were out there I would be glad to go.

  3. Consider this a standing invitation for anytime you are here.