Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Travelling to Chicago

I am getting ready to travel again. I am leaving in two weeks for Chicago where I will be participating in Blogging events for both UL Laboratories and Ford and then attending BlogHer. Because one can never have too much luggage I was browsing around on the internet looking for wheeled carry on luggage.

I have a huge suitcase, but am thinking of shipping that ahead and bringing only a small Carry-On Luggage on the plane. I am staying in one hotel the first night and then switching hotels the next and it would just be easier to not worry about moving my luggage across town after attending the event on Wednesday.

This one would be perfect for my day’s worth of clothing and my laptop and all my paraphernalia.

I also drifted off and was checking out the Briefcases, which are all gorgeous. Of course I purchased a new laptop bag last year before BlogHer and it is still in fine condition, but really a girl can dream can’t she?

As long as I am dreaming would you feast your eyes on this? Gorgeous I tell you! But the day I can afford $900 for a carry on bag is the day I fly in my own private jet!

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