Thursday, September 30, 2004

tv talk

American Dreams - I am so glad this show is back! I feel for every character and cry every week!

Clubhouse - so far so good. But I don't think I would really miss it too much if it disappears.

Survivor Vanautu - It's taking me a while to get into it. I will give it tonight and see what happens.

Apprentice - I am thoroughly enjoying this season. Raj is the favorite in our house right now. None of the girls are very impressive.

Celebrity Poker Showdown - I am very anxious for this to begin. We saw a preview for it last night, and there were interesting faces.

Listen Up - Impressed with Jason ALexander, could do without Malcolm Jamal Warner.


  1. You are pretty spot on with me. I liked American Dreams more than I expected, more than Joan of Arcadia. Clubhouse is still ok. I really like Apprentice too and ended up watching Thursday and Saturday. I haven't seen last night's yet tho. I like the celebrity Poker and didn't like Listen Up much.

  2. For you celebrite poker fans you might enjoy this blog He has "Part 4" up there right not but you should follow his links back to "Part 1" it is very funny.

    I haven't watched hardly any of those shows. I catch the Apprentice when I can. I have Survivor on tape to watch tonight. I did see Listen Up and it wasn't horrible. I like Joey. Did any of you watch Lost? Everyone is giving it rave reviews (Jonathan in particular) and they are replaying the first two episodes on Saturday so I may tape it.

  3. Gordon and Megan love lost, but have told me that it would probably be to science fictiony for me.