Monday, February 7, 2005


Sorry it has been so long, but as most of you know it has been pretty busy around here. We had such a short but Joyful visit with Erika and Jackson. He and Link made nice with each other, much to Erika's surprise.

The day they left (and Kathy went with them) mom and I took a bus turn around to Jean Nevada, to the Gold Strike and Nevada Landing. These are the two casinos between State Line and Vegas. Two we had only briefly stopped at once before and didn't like. But a friend of mine was doing a fundraiser so we figured we would give them another shot. At the bus pick up at 7am, seeing some friends who also happen to be Glendale voters, I rally up some more signatures for Kathy's ballot petition. We arrive in Jean at about noonish and get to gambling. Those Beverly Hillbillies are wonderful, they just kept shooting pennies at us. And those MIB (well Erika you know the story behind them) I won't go into it here, this is a family forum! A wonderful buffett (free!) and 7 hours later we get on the bus to go home. I have only spent $7.00 so I figure a dollar an hour for a days entertainment is not too bad! Unfortunately the bus broke down on the way home but we weren't too far into the desert that it only took 2 hours for a new one to trade. While we waited we watched John Q, if you haven't seen this take the time to, it is really very good.

A week back at work and cooking every night for Kathy's party the following week. And then mom and I were off to Vegas for some BINGO! Up at 4am to get an early start and into State Line by 7:30! Wonderful traffic, the best kind - NONE. As mom told you, she waited but I never did! Oh well! We had a wonderful dinner in the fancy restaurant on the house and a great trip all in all.

Back home on the same day as Kathy's campaign party. Arrived home at 11:30 am took everything we had cooked the previous week out of the freezer, started cooking the meatballs and weenies (ask mom for her secret sauce recipe), and away we went to the hall. Rosa did a beautiful job decorating and Adam and Taj were a great help schlepping things around and setting up and putting together signs. The girls manned the sign in table and made sure everyone had a button. Speeches and food and mingling, till about 8 and then it was home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Mom went home on Saturday and I got an awful cold just in time for the 3-day weekend. Back to work tomorrow and everything starts all over again.

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  1. I am glad you had fun and that the party was a success. I wish I could vote, but I am comforted that everyone I know in Glendale is voting for Kathy!! I have done my part.