Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Super Birthday

It started on Sunday when the score of the Super Bowl (I didn't care who won) came out to match my sqaures on the work grid. So I won $100! Then it got better when my State refund got deposited in my bank account a week earlier than I expected. Other than the cold I've been battling all weekend, things have been swell. Tuesday, the ladies at work gave me a gift certificate to my favorite salon so I can get my fingers and toes pampered. They also got me a Baskin Robbins ice cream pie in Peanut Butter and Chocolate but because of this damn cold I couldn't indulge, but it is home in my freezer waiting for me to get better. (If it doesn't get eaten first!) When I get home from work Taj is there with two dozen roses. When will he learn that my allergies can't handle flowers?!?!?! "But they're roses" he says. Yes, those are some of the worst. Oh well it's the thought that counts. So I take my Super Bowl winnings and we head off to Costco to buy me a new tv for my room. I have been looking at a partial tv screen for 3 months now and am damn tired of it. After a slightly heated discussion about which brand is best and should we go to another Costco to see if they have a better brands (No dammit! I'm sick and I want this one, put it in the cart!) we get to the check out. I pay part in cash and start to write a check for the remainder and Taj says I will pay the rest. Ok, thank you! I guess it was more than he thought because he started pulling 1's out of his pockets and counting change. It was starting to get funny and turned out he had exactly the right amount. The original plan was for he and I to go out to dinner but by this time I did not feel like getting dressed up and being seen in public, so I suggested we stop at the grocery store and I picked up some steaks. While Taj and my strong man Adam brought the tv in and set it up I cooked steaks and nuked vegetables. Marisa made me a huge brownie for dessert and with my feet up and a brownie in my face I watched the finale of Amazing Race! All in all a good day!


  1. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me. Only your mother could up the ante on this one. She will be touring Buenas Aires on her birthday before embarking on a two-week cruise of South America. Oh wait, they are out of boats. Too bad.

  2. I can't believe that stupid Kendra won. Even in Chicago she was pissing and moaning.