Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Midnight...Adam knocks on my bedroom door and says there is a fight out front. I immediately get up and he says mom you need to call 911 it's huge. I dial the phone and he says there's about 20 guys out in front of the boy scout house and they are brawling. Melody gets up - from her new room in the very back of the house she heard this as well- and says ther's more like 50. I am talking to the 911 operator who keeps repeatedly asking if there are any weapons involved. I tell him not that we can see from the window and we sure as hell aren't going outside to check. Meanwhile the crowd is growing by the second. Within minutes we see the flash of light overhead that signals the helicopter has arrived and sirens come blaring down our street. Adam has by now graciously handed me a towel since I jumped out of bed with no pants on. There's a picture for all of you! When the brawlers see the police start to arrive they turn the corner and start heading down Glenwood towards our old apartment (for a reference point). This disappoints the kids because now all the action is happening out of their line of vision. The 911 operator tells me to hang up and flag down an officer to talk to them. Mel was amazed that I would go outside to flag one down. Alas they were to busy to notice me. It took a good half an hour to wrangle everyone and disperse the crowd. Kids that were parked in front of our house leave and Adam suggests I move my car into the driveway since Kathy isn't home tonight. I don't want to go out there when the brawlers are still hanging around so I say no nothing else is gonna happen tonight, it will be fine. I don't know what the outcome of everything but the police left at close to 1am. BTW Marisa and Link are sound asleep through all of this. Of course she slept through a few years back when a car ran into the house next door. Anyways back to the story. I had finished my book earlier when I first fell asleep, and had nothing to put me back to sleep, so I lay awake in bed watching tv (I lter find out that Adam is also awake and watching tv in his room). At 2am I hear a crash and a squeal of tires. Of course my first thought is Oh shit! My car! I come running out, (this time I put pants on) and Adam is running out side as I again dial the Glendale Police Department. We look out the window and one car has already left and the other is turning around and speeding up the street after it. Adam talks to the neighbors and finds out what kinds of cars and suddenly on of them returns. A very nice, very new white Mustang. I couldn't see any damage from my viewpoint but there was alot of debris in the street. 2 police cars arrive and start doing whatever it is they do. Nothing happens in GLendale without 2 police cars. Anytime the police arrive somewhere they come in pairs and since they usually drive alone, there are 2 cars to make it look like it is a big deal. Now it is 2:30 and Adam and I are wide awake. Maybe we should leave for Vegas now instead of Monday!


  1. If you can't get 911 do you want GPD's number? Also have CHP and BPD if you like. May have some others but I don't think you would need them.

    For those not in California:
    GPD = Glendale Police Department
    BPD = Burbank Police Department (Our neighbor city)
    CHP = California Highway Patrol

    CHP came in handy one day when Josh and I were on the freeway and there was a crash right in front of us. We call CHP and right brfore they arrive there is another 2 car accident not 10 yards away. Needless to say is was an event 5 minutes of an uneventful day.

  2. Damn! I would have been hiding under the bed. And I would have let Adam move my car.