Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More on That Later

In my last post I left you a little cliff hanger.

2pm Marisa has been having good contractions (numbers in the 80’s) at a regular pace. Nurse checks her and still no improvement. I decide to run home and change and run some errands. (more on that later) As I leave the nurse and I talk at the nurses station and she tells me to prepare for a c-section.

While I am home running errands, I see it is time for Adam to get out of school. Nice mom that I am I go to pick him up. While I am parked on the street, two cars try to go by each other and one gets too close to me andrips my rearview mirror off! I get out of the car and ask the old man for his drivers liscense and insurance information, he says no I will give you cash. No I don't want cash, give me your insurance inforamtion, then he says he doesn't have insurance. Ok, then I will call the police. As I am dialing, now he claims to have insurance afterall. Too late bucko, the police are on their way. Now his grandson shows up (probably 6th grade) and all of a sudden old man no longer speaks English! Grandson gets me the drivers liscense and the insurance, however, the insurance is for 3 cars, a Lincoln, a, Nissan and a Kia, old man is driving a HONDA! And insurance is in someone elses name. Kid tells me oh that Honda is my Aunt's Husband's Duaghter car. HUH!? I then shut up and wait for the police. Nice policeman comes quickly and goes into the car and finds the registration and insurance information for that car, both of which are in 2 totally different names. I ask the officer, do I care that I now have 4 names? He says nope, you have the policy number let the insurance company figure everything else out. I give them all of my info. Old man approaches police officer and says he still wants to give me cash, police officer tells old man if he keeps saying this he will arrest him for obstructing justice! Probably wouldn't stick but it sure sounded good at the time! Kid's mom shows up and wants me to stay and talk after cop leaves, I can not stay my daughter is in labor. I will contact the insurance company, you will hear from them. Adam comes we leave. No sooner do I get to the house (less than 1 mile), there is a missed call and a voice mail on my cell phone from woman's husband wanting to give me cash. I do not return the call, and make note of the number. Throughout the day I receive no less that 15 calls from them with the same plea. I return one call. explain what is happening and say that I will get back to them next week. The next day more calls. I am now debating whether or not to go to the insurance company. While it shouldn't have any effect on my insurance because it wasn't my fault, I have had another not my fault claim within a year. But either way I have to take time from work to go get estimates.

Erika_ the fuzzy part between Marisa leaves (7:00pm) and Caitlyn arrives (7:30) was fuzzy for me as well. It was filled with me crying, and Sue and Melody hugging me and that's about it really.


  1. Get an estimate and take the cash.

  2. LOL - how much cash is he willing to offer?

    I would still get a really good mechanic to look at it. Last thing you need is for it to be a cheap job and have the mirror just fall off once they claim it's 'fixed'.

  3. Get an estimate and take cash and a half.

  4. Wow, that's an interesting story... I really have no idea how insurance and all that garbage works, but hey, if he's willing to give you money, I'd take it! On the other hand, it was his fault, and his insurance (or whoever's it was) should be affected...

    Talk to you later, and I hope everything works out.