Monday, December 5, 2005

Project Postcards

The California State Educational Standards for 5th Grade Social Studies includes researching the 50 states. I have 2 classes hoping to receive postcards from each state.

So my mission to all of you is to send me a post card. Please have it be something indicative to your state, the bird, the motto, some historical place. The school name is Horace Mann Elementary 501 E. Acacia Ave. Glendale, Ca. 91205.

Much appreciated!


  1. I have Indiana covered; do you need two sent?

    BTW what happened with your accident guy? Did you take the money or call insurance?

  2. I am confident that Megan will take charge of the Michigan postcard.

  3. Yuppers on Friday I'm going to the Saginaw mall I will pick up a post card. Luv U

  4. Okay so I got a postcard. It has a bunch of info on it. Do you want me to send it straight to the school or should I send it to you.
    Luv Megan
    P.S. When does this project end and do you have a Coloroado postcard? My friend said that she is going to Coloroado for Christmas and if you needed one and would still take them that she could pick one up.
    Luv U again

  5. OK, I need to know how long this will last too. Not living in a tourist mecca like LA it is pretty damn hard to find postcards. In my free half-hour out of the house yesterday I went to two gas stations, one drug store, and Meijer's and not one had postcards. But I will be driving to Mom's this weekend and I should be able to get one on the toll road. Also, if this will be going beyond Christmas, J&R will be in Seattle and can send you one from there.