Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All aboard!

I am officially checked in for my flight tomorrow night. I plan on leaving the house around 9pm ish. The drive to LAX shouldn't be too horrible that time of night since there is no Sparks game. The ride home for Kathy might be bad with the Dodgers getting out.

I have a bunch of last minute errands to run in the morning and a couple of little things to pack. Then it is off to Detroit for some quality casino time in Windsor with mommy.

Erika is coming up on Thursday and will join Mom, Gretchen, Jeanette and hopefully Steph and Arn, and myself for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. YUMMY!

Then early Friday morning a trip to Greektown casino to start our day off right. Then mindless errands and chores til Jeanette picks us up in the early eveing and whisks us off to the airport. From Detroit we will fly stright to Gatewick in London and then some sort of shuttle service (bus, train, go kart) will take us to Dover (home of the White Cliffs) where we will board our boat and get ready to set sail.

So there you are now set until Saturday night. Try not to hold your breath.


  1. Yeah, my mindless errands and chores all involve napping.

  2. All that activity takes my breath away, and you haven't left the country yet.