Tuesday, June 5, 2007


As you can note from the ticker on top, I will be cruising soon. Last time mom and I cruised, Erika couldn’t go and was very unhappy about it. I was instructed to provide as many details as possible to her, which resulted in THIS.

This time however, Erika is coming with us. We will be gone for 14 days and sailing through Northern Europe. ITINERARY

Since Erika is not needing a fix of our cruise escapades, I ask you, my family and friends:
How would you like your cruise updates?
Every Day
Every Port
Once a Week
One Big Long Post at the End
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Of course this may take some assistance from either my beautiful daughter or one of my lovely sisters.


  1. You have my email address.

  2. Just blog as the mood strikes you, as I recall there are other bloggers with you.