Friday, May 9, 2008

Home Home Home Home Home

Guess where I am? Well, not at home, technically speaking. I am at least in the right state and within a few miles from home. I am at work.

Our flight from Rome was great. We flew Delta and they gave us nifty little bags when we got on with a sleep mask, ear plugs, toothbrush, etc. But, even better than that, the flight was less than half full. I haven't had that happen in ten years. We were able to stretch out a little bit and not worry about reclining seats, etc. Woo hoo! Adrienne was still uncomfortable, but at least it was bearable. That flight took us to JFK and what a zoo that is. Our flight to Detroit was at the last possible gate and there were about 6 flights all leaving from our gate simultaneously. The announcers were all talking over each other so no one could understand anything. Our plane was small and packed and uncomfortable. The flight only took just over an hour but they planned on 2.5 hours to make up for all of the delays. We ended up landing exactly on time.

It was great to call home and talk to Lyle and to Jackson. Jackson promised me a "Blues Clues Hug" and I sure he will deliver when I pick him up from daycare this afternoon. Gretchen picked us up from the airport and after a quick stop at McDs we headed pretty much right to bed. I was sound asleep by midnight (exactly 24 hours from when we woke up in Rome). I woke up at around 5am thinking of all of the things I needed to get done today and wasn't able to go back to sleep. The three of us went out for breakfast and then I dropped Adrienne at the airport and headed home.

A should be on a plane home right now. I stopped briefly at home to hug Lyle and put in a load of laundry (in that order) and now I am at work. I have gone through all of my hard copy mail and sorted it into stacks. I am still going through my email, that could take a very long time.

Anyway, this will likely be my last post here. I have a new post up on the JKZ site but no pictures yet.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time (Adrienne not so much near the end). I wish I could get Nancy to go on this cruise (or any cruise).