Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baking Gals Round 4

Once again I hosted an Operatin Baking Gals round. But this time I had a bit of a connection with the soldier we were shipping to. A few years ago I belonged to an online gaming community that played DOminoes. It was through Yahoo and called the Fishtank. We had tournaments and I would play throughout the day (that was when the whole debacle with my former employer first started and I was being paid to sit home and do nothing). I drifted away from there but "met" up with one of the people that ran the league earlier this year on Twitter. Nutzareus was the name he used on the league and I immediately recognized it when I saw it on Twitter. He would Tweet about his time in Iraq and the work he was doing on the supply base.

Unfortunately this round I didn't have as many in my group as last round, but I still think we did pretty well with what we sent.

I sent peanutbutter cookies with hersey kisses
Betsey from Food For Five sent Blondies and a bunch of goodies.
Sue from Stanley Cupcakes sent Snickerdoodles Espresso Nutella Cookies and Chocolate Sugar Cookies. She also included books and dvd's in her box.
Beth from Someone's in the Kitchen With Brina sent Granola Grabbers, Snickerdoodles and Mandel Bread.

I will be unable to host in the next round as I will be travelling during the prep time. But I will definately be aprticipating when I get back.


  1. Sean is a sucker for pictures like this, his mouth waters immediately. I like the names of the treats and the handles.

  2. Haha, you're right Grandpa. Those peanut blossoms got me right away. In case you didn't know this already Adrienne, those are my absolute favorite, and we always make a gross of them at Christmastime.