Wednesday, August 25, 2004

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Note to self, bring birth certificate/passport for trip to MICHIGAN! Who'd a thunk.

Okay, now I am eating at Gretchens because you have a cooker all built in. If Gordon needs help I will be there, or he can just relax and I will do. Whatever. I am glad I will be going to your place so I too can ssee Mel's "babies" I have never met any of Sandy and Robs grandkids!

BB- I dont like Nakomis! It was a "pinkie" swear for god's sake get over it! This is not elementary school. Hell, it's not even high school for Dianes stupid crush on Drew! I like the twins, but I now want Marvin to win it ALL. Adam has liked Marvin from the beginning.

AR - Colin is a complete ifiot he and the Christian Model girl should be a pair because they're both worthless. I thought Chip was going to smack her when they were talking about the money. The police were way too nice to Colin, maybe because there were cameras in their faces.

Red and Orange - I am thoroughly counting on some fall color. I havent had any since I moved out here, we always come back in summer or winter. So you better bottle some of it and save it for me.

Kathy is coming out this weekend, would someone please be kind enough to send back some BBQ fritos, as I have now (well, before Megan left actually) finished the 6 bags Gretchen sent out.

LLWS - It killed me to see the Washington kid hit the home run so that neither of the playing teams got to go. Not that it matters who went Thousand Oaks will beat them all!

Adam is going camping next weekend with the Millers and Weissbergs. It is not at all like the camps I remeber of old. They have an arcade, a pool, a washer and dryer,

Oh, well, time to go pick Mel up from work.


  1. I'm working on the Fritos, K-Mart was always my for sure place but I was there today and they didn't have any.

  2. LLWS I didn't like that Washington run either. I really wanted Kentucky to advance. I don't listen to enough of the intermediate commentary to understand the advancement process so I don't know what is happening to Chinese TaiPai. I know they lost today so are they out. Their pitching kid today had some serious cute going on. When they beat Poland like 18 to 1 I thought they were going all the way.

    I watched What I hate about you tonight. I like it. Its just shy of being offensive.

    You will need birth certificate/passport to go to Windsor on the bus too. I expect to do that at least once while you're here.

  3. Everything is all about the cute after all, just ask Jackson.

    I will put the bc in my luggage right now, so I dont forget.

  4. Shoot I have not had a chance to watch my AR tape yet and if I don't do it at lunch BB will tape over it tonight and I will have to wait until Saturday (wait Monday since I will be in MI this weekend).

    I really like Nikomis (although I think saying "I want to be call this other really weird name as soon as you get in the house is pretty lame). I like Marvin too. I hate the twins and Diane is still the dumbest player in the house.

  5. Hate to burst your bubble, but even in a good year Thanksgiving is way too late for fall color. Mel should get some while she is here and I'll have her bring it back with her.