Saturday, August 21, 2004

Renovating and Trading tramps

I just saw a promo for a new show called Renovate My Life. It is like the Extreme Home Makeover on ABC but on FOX. What drew my attention to it was that the first family to be renovated is the first family from trade my mommy. It is the black family that was involved. I really liked tham, I hope they do right by them with a new home. As for tramps, I love the new gymnastic (new as of Sydney) game of trampoline. That is really fun to watch.


  1. I never heard of that. That will be very interesting. I liked that family too.

  2. I am glad the lady and her family were blessed with a new home. It showed me that God can bless you right were you are. They built a 3000+ sq. foot home right on her old home site in South Dallas, the home is decked out with every trimming you could imagine. She has more blessings to come.

    Ron Foley