Sunday, August 1, 2004

Number one seed

The boys got to play today and play they did. They beat the S. Korea team 18 to 0. ANd also beat the Newar NJ team (I don't know the score.) So they are at this time the #1 seed. According to Adam they are guaranteed the Bronze, if they win one game tomorrow they will get Silver and if they win both games tomorrow they get Gold. So all in all a very good time is being had. The Rock N ROll Hall of Fame was a bust even the old guy (coach Steve my age) said it wasnt worth the time or admission price of $20.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer about the museum. I have seen pictures and it certainly didn't look like someplace I needed to see, but I thought the kids might have fun.

    Yay for our team, though. I have my VCR set up for the Good Morning America spot (that I found out about at 10pm last night). And I figured out this morning (before the 7am start) that GMA is on ABC and not CBS like I set the VCR in the bedroom for last night. So I changed the VCR this morning at 6:30am (Lyle was awake anyway because I had just dropped a very awake little boy in his bed).