Thursday, September 2, 2004

Google times six

After I was posted by a stranger and Erika noticed that when you typed in a name of one of my posts into Google I was the first thing that popped up. So, I decided to Google Van Houten and see what comes up.

Well! Did you know that Van Houten sextuplets were born in Michigan around the same time as Jackson? They live in Holland Michigan and the whole town is getting together and helping them raise money for a new home.


  1. I do remember hearing about Van Houten sextuplets being born in Michigan. I didn't think it was that recently tho. I remember saying to somebody "I wonder if that means we have to take care of one of them"

  2. Grandma Z mentioned it to me when it happened, but I was a little busy so I did not pass the information on.

    Adrienne, I noticed that the mystery man was Anonymous. You can change your settings to not allow anonymous comments. Since all of us have accounts this shouldn't be a big problem.