Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Too much TV

On Monday, I taped this new show called Malibu the Complex (or something like that), that was two hours. Yesterday I taped BB and AR because I watched the Daddies and the Last Comic. SO now I have 4 hours of tv to watch but it cant happen tonight because I want to watch renovate my life with the first mommy family! I really need to get a life!

BTW the daddies was ok, I was ready to yell at those little kids or at the very least knock some life into their mother. She couldn't care less when her husband left or even when he came back! Then the crazy New York woman who has to take a cooking class to spend time with her family!

LCS - I loved Ant. Now mind you I have not watched either season 1 or 2 so all of the comics are new to me. The right people went home the first night. One performance was completely unappropriate for network television and he should go home!


  1. I just finished my daddy's tape. At first I thought it was a terrible idea but I liked it. It will be interesting to see if the New York wife will be able to overturn the "how to spend the money" part. Did you notice that the kids in both families treated their own dads just like their moms did. I remember noticing that in the Hanville family.

    I did tape the comics too last night but I didn't see them or tape them on Monday. It kind of snuck up on me. A lot of the material was a little blue. I think they are pushing the comics a lot and I don't care if I ever hear Jay Mohr speak another work I'm so sick of him. I also taped Father of the Pride and I liked that too.

    The Malibu Complex thing I decided not to get into since my dance card was pretty full already. How did you like it.

    I won't mention the BB or AR yet if everyone hasn't watched their tapes yet.

  2. I just watched BB and AR this afternoon before dinner. I missed the end of the daddies (bath and bedtime for bonzo) so someone needs to fill me in on the last half hour.

    I can't wait for Adria to be gone and I would have paid good money to see the dating christian models shave their heads.

  3. Chicken Dad had no idea how they should spend their money, they did such a good job of "having it all". Apparently they were planning on paying for the Bar Mitzvah with the 50K but chicken dad had the mom and dad sign up for cooking school, a personal trainer for the family so they could spend time together, and I forget the rest. The NY daddy did much better he had them payoff and renovate the house, a year of private (obedience) school for the boys, and pay off old debt.

  4. I thought both mom's were bitches in this one. So niether dad would come back and think that the grass was greener (at least in the wife department). The NY dad probably really appreciates his kids now and chicken dad is probably happy about the obedience school idea. Although, all the obedience in the world will wash away in 2 hours with that mom.