Wednesday, November 3, 2004

We did our part

California did it's part for the Democratic party. We kept our congressional seat and still have our house rep and local assembly member. We also have ok'd Stem Cell Research funding, DNA samples of ALL convicted felons and kept casinos out of our backyards. We had a whopping 16 statewide propositions, the most in many many years. There was a lot of things to remember, to think about and to make a decision on. And a lot of them ended up being very close. To the point of less than a million votes separating the outcome. So other than the rest of the nation letting Kerry down, it went ok out here.

I think that with all the vote or Die and Rock the vote, the young people were in it for the party while the party was going on, but actually going to a polling place and voting is not very partylike and not very enticing. Only 17% OF 18-21 year olds voted. That's disgraceful! Voting is your first really grown-up thing to do at 18.

As for one person saying this election put God back in the White House, that's ludicrous. God has no place in the White House. Let her be in the churches and synagogues and mosques
where she belongs. Whatever happened to separation? We condemn religion run countries and then try to force it down our own throats! Talk about a flip flopper!


  1. Well done CA. We had three lousy questions all of which were organizational in nature (I love to organize). One was s"hould all appointments have the same start dates?" Very exciting stuff.

    I particularly love the video of Arnold announcing Bush had won (very early) and then saying how happy he was that the stem cell research funding had passed. Which party is he from? Does he know who Bush is?

    I am thrilled that OUR young people "rocked the vote" (whatever that means) but you are right the total number of young people did not increase from 2000 to 2004. If it had maybe we could have pulled this off.

  2. I remember in 2000 prior to the election it was opined that Melody and Marisa would be able to vote for Gore's second term. Now it appears that Adam will be able to vote for the first female president of the United States. Here in Michigan we at record turnouts in many, many districts (even the young vote) with long lines in many places and inclement weather.

  3. We were discussing 2008 in the car last night, I think we (I) conclude that Hilary wouldnt win as President but that she would make a good running mate for Edwards. Then we just need to bumb off Edwards and we have it made.

  4. Boy, I remember George Sunday (Jane Francis' husband) saying that sort of thing about Ronald Regan. He thought Regen would be a terrible president but at least we had George Sr. to back him up if anything happened to him.

    I don't think Hillary can get the nomination in 2008. Maybe Jackson will be able to vote for our first woman president.