Sunday, December 5, 2004

11 casinos later...

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful! Gordon always has made the best mashed potatoes. I got to meet all of the adorable children that Melody talks about all the time, and to see their grandma Sandy.

A great trip up to Kewadin, and 5 casino visits. A quick trip down to Indiana and 3 casino visits (and some really nice piggies for Erika!). Back home to moms and 3 more casinos (and a great "Wave" of luck for mom). A very turbulent plane ride and I am back at home. It all went too fast of course, vacations always do. But alas, I am glad to be home, with my dog curled up at my feet.

Thank you to everyone for having me. It was a wonderful trip!

Now begins the countdown to January 19 when Erika, Jackson and Mommy arrive in L.A.! (Only 1 casino trip planned then!)


  1. Go ahead make it an even dozen, I count 6 on our trip. 3 Kewadin (Soo, St. Ignace, Hessel), Bay Mills, King's Club, and Canadian Soo.

  2. Who knew a trip to Michigan could lead to such decadence. While you are in vegas you will restrict yourself to one casino.

  3. It's a good casino too! It has LOTS of penny machines and the Bingo extravaganza!

  4. Does that mean we're not doing the turnaround on the 22nd?