Saturday, July 2, 2005

First day of School

Well not the kids, Mine! Yesterday was my first official day at Mann. Hilma spent the majority of the day cleaning her desk with Lysol wipes. Everyone who has the slightest inkling of me, knows I am not by any means a clean freak. Some may even call me a dirt freak. But this place goes beyond anyones scope of reality. I wish I had taken pictures to show you. But I thought it would be rude to take pictures of the crime scene before the CSI guys come in to clean it up. The previous secretary was still there even though her last day was Thursday. Her desk was still piled high with crap like the news stories of the old ladies with a hundred cats and the piles of newspapers and everything everywhere. There is important papers mixed in with scraps of paper (could be important, who can tell) mixed in with FOOD, on top of keys, on top of plants and pictures taped to every open wooden space. Pictures of kids of people who left the school more than 10 years ago! Probably pictures of babies that have now graduated college! I started the day in a cute new dress, wanting to make a good impression. As my hand was on the doorknob to leave the house, I broke into reality and ran back to my room to change into jeans and a tshirt. Good thing. I spent the day cleaning out files of kids moving to Middle school. I think I will throw the shirt away. My initial plan w2as to go in everyday this long weekend to work and get everything in order. Well, that plan was shot to hell, when Joy (the previous) didnt finish ANYTHING off her desk (my desk), and left vowing to come in this weekend. AARRGGHH! SHe is not open to assistance. So now I have resigned myself to not going in. I will go on Monday to see what if any progress is made. If it is clean WHOO HOO! If not, on Tuesday, I will bring my laptop and set up shop at another desk, and claim it for my own.

In other news, Marisa is doing great. She has a tummy now. She has finally decided that her previous skin tight before she was pregnant jeans don't actually fit anymore and is getting more comfortable in maternity clothes. She is loved dearly at the daycare. But she is an Amazon who is helping to organize and bring fresh ideas, so why wouldn't she be.

Adam got his report card yesterday. It was better than I had hoped, so I can start breathing again and not feel guilty about not making him go to summer school. He and Michael got season passes to Raging Waters water park from Sue and Andy and they each got a set of golf clubs from their respective parents for their birthdays and have been spending time at both places. He has truly come to love golfing and goes at least once a week to the public (read cheap) course. Unfortunately there have been news stories recently of that course being "developed". Into what yet they haven't decided. Houses, condos, or retail.

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  1. Bummer. I would have taken the long weekend to get settled too. Sounds like a looooong day today. Bring your lysol.