Friday, March 3, 2006

1 down 1 to go

Adam had his first surgery yesterday. This was a removal of the growth plate in his left lower leg. According to our instructions his surgery was going to be at 1pm, so that meant only clear liqids after midnight and NOTHING after 5am. My boy taking advantage of every last minute, made himslef a big ole omelet at 11:30 Wednesday night. I let him sleep in until the very last minute, knowing he wouldn't be able to have coffee or breakfast or even water. He gets up takes a shower and we leave. We arrive at the hospital at the strike of 11am as directed. Paperwork takes the prerequisite 1/2 hour, and we are off to wait in the holding area where they make him change into a pretty turqoise gown and some army green slipper socks. Adam was very happy I didn't have a camera. Again more paperwork, yes you can have student observers, yes you can take pictures for reswearch and education, Adam would also like a copy of any please. Ok, someone should be here at 12:30 to take you to meet the anesthesiologist and then the doctor will speak to you and he will be off. This was said at about 11:45. From that moment on, Adam is getting more and more anxious, what time is ti, what time is it, what time is it now? at 12:45 I ask our nurse why someone hasnt come to get him. The doctor had an emergency surgery come up (a kid with a broken arm that needed to be set) so we got pushed back. I let her know that is was not very nice of them to not come and let us know that ahead of time, so we didnt have to be sitting ehre in anticipation. I was polite but stern. LOL At about 1:30 (Our bed was on the other side of the wall of the nurses station) I heard her get a call that was going to put someone else in front of Adam. To which she repolied "Then you have to come tell teh mother." Needless to say Adam was picked up with 15 minutes of that conversation. We met the doctor in a hallway and he ex[lained that he wouldn't be doing the priocedure as we discussed previously, where he would fill in the growth plate, but had decided to remove the growth plate compltely. I was okay with anything he decided. I figured he knows what he is talking about more than I do. When your picture is on the wall of the hospital with Chairman of the Board written underneath it, it makes me believe you are smarter than me. They take Adam away and Taj and I go and sit and wait. It is now just after 2pm and we go off in search of a cafeteria, we didn't want to eat in front of the boy, but needless to say we are starving. I am anyways. Lo and behold, the cafe closed at 2pm. But there are vending machines. Eeewww. We decide it is better to leave the hospital now when he has just gone in than later when he comes out, so we head off to the BK drive thru down the street. Thankfully this is a hospital in an area I am familiar with and know my way around quite nicely. We make a quick drive thru run and come back to wait, and wait, and wait. We are anxiously looking up the hallway every 10 minutes or so and after about 1 1/2 hours I look up once and the doctor is right in fornt of me. He shows me the pictures of the scope going in a scraping the growth plate out. No we can't have a copy right now. We go to recovery to see Adam and there is this man laying on the gurney. That can't be my baby. He groans at me and says I love you mom. Wiggles his toes for the doctor, and I walk out with tears stinging my eyes. The decision has also been made that he will stay the night here. So Taj and I head up to his room to wait for him to finish in the recovery room he is awake now and we are heading home. I will post more later.

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  1. Wow, I don't think I like that part of being the mommy. Knowing your track record with hospitals it sounds like you did a great job holding it all together.

    Give that man on the gurney a big hug and kiss from us.