Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Long Story Short

Adam went back to the doctor this week to remove his stitches. He has been in the brace and on crutches since the surgery and it is now up to him on how and when he uses either. The doctor has put in a referral for Physical therapy and we should find out more about that next week.

On the workfront, not as happy at the new place as I thought I would be. I sent out my resume to two places, but I have to make sure whatever I eventually end up with has the benefits to cover everything Adam needs.

Marisa's job is working out well. They are very happy to have her there. She even asked me to pick up something from the Post OFfice yesterday becuase the copy they had at the office was 15 years outdated! YIKES! I know what that is like!

Caitlyn is the most adorable wonderful baby on the earth! She sleeps when you want her to, smiles on command and is still chatting up a storm! She just talks and talks and doesn't even have to have anyone listening, she will talk to the tv, the computer even the dog. We just bought her a little gym like thing that she can lay on and kick and play, it is Baby Einstein and has a mirror and music and fishes and even has a prop kind of thing so she can be on her belly and do stuff as well. She is too crazy about tummy time in general so we are hoping this will help.

I was debating taking a chair position in PTSA but thankfully Kathy talked me out of it.

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  1. I am sorry that your new job is not as great as your old job. Are you just applying at other schools?

    I remember doing tummy time. It seemed so important at the time, but guess what. Not so much.

    It is nice that you have the voice of experience over there to discourage you from too many committee positions.