Monday, March 20, 2006

full empty nest

Although the house is overflowing with people, I still get an empty nest feeling lately. Mel is out and about, Marisa is doing her thing and Adam is too big to hang out with mom anymore.

I went to the movies alone yesterday and I survived. I have never enjoyed watching a movie alone, not even at home on the tv. I like to share the experience with someone and talk about it either during or after. But all was well and I think I may make a habit of it. BTW I saw Failure to Launch, cute. But looking at Mr. McConahey (I know it's spelled wrong) for 1 1/2 hours is quite enjoyable in itself.

Marisa went to a birthday party at the roller rink yesterday....ask her who the father was!


  1. Yes, Matthew would be the only reason I would see that movie too. If I had time to do my favorite thing in the whole world--go to the movies alone.

    I agree that there are certain movies that you need to share, but a movie like this you just need to spread out and not have to worry about anyone else but yourself.

    And OMG is that Shaun in the background of the first picture. It has been so long since I saw him.

  2. I think erika should dig her "He's Cute" T shirt out of the rag bag and send it to Ris

  3. I've heard that movie is supposed to be kinda funny, but I never have a chance to do anything like that any more. I agree that I need to see movies with someone, as I always like to talk about it afterwards. But, I can enjoy seeing one alone, as demonstrated by the maybe one or two times in my entire life that I have done such.

    And regarding Cinnabons, I think the icing is a good addition. I usually get an extra container just for dipping, although I think I might need to stop doing that! It was pretty good, but not something that one can eat frequently.