Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"But it's a dry heat!"

That's the bs line people feed you when you talk about the heat in California. Not anymore honey. It has been like Miami around here. I am waiting for the influx of mosquitos any day now. For the last 4-5 days we have had temperatures in the upper 90's with 80-90% humidity! And not even the decency to have a rip roarin thunderstorm. Yesterday the sky was all yellowish/greenish. I was looking for tornadoes on the horizon.

Some studio probably needed gloomy weather for a shoot and paid to have it this way. That's how most things happen out here!


  1. I am sorry that there are no thunderstorms. We haven't had any good ones either, just rain. They make a wonderful sunblock with squito replelent in it, incase they do attack. It is made by BullFrog. I hope you get your thunderstorm. I however hope, that tornados are not in your future.

  2. This weather? It has to go. Like now! Ugh!