Friday, July 7, 2006

If it weren't for bad luck........

In May, I gave Kathy a rent check that she doesn't remember receiving. I called the bank and found that it would cost $40 to put a stop payment on it. It had been more than a week since I wrote it and it hadn't been cashed yet, so I figured it was just lost somewhere in the house or office and wrote her another check. More than a month has passed and I just got notice from the bank that I have bounced 3 checks this month. It turns out the original check was cashed this week. It seems that the culprits "washed" it to be made out to cash and changed the amount as well. I got a copy of the check from the bank and walked across the street from my office to the police department where they were not very encouraging. They said it looks like a very amateurish job and probably is only a one time thing, meaning they won't have much to go on and don't have more than 5% of hope of catching this person. I now have to go to the bank next week and change my account number, I can't do it today, because my payroll check is in the process of being deposited Monday morning and I have 2 outstanding checks.

It's kind of creepy, because this person has my address and phone number and thinks I have money, since they were able to cash almost $1,000. Little do they know all they're gonna get if they break in is a bunch of crap stacked up ready for a yard sale.

In other news, you may recall on the day Caitlyn was born I had a small accident when a guy ripped my mirror off of my car by driving too close to me. I got the mirror fixed and faxed the bill to them for reimbursement, I chose to not notify insurance, BIG MISTAKE! I didn't get a reponse and faxed it again a bout a month lter, then in the moving of my jobs and stuff I forgot about it until I came across the bill again in June. I then faxed it again, with a more urgent note and a week or so later I received a letter from the guy's son with his fathers DEATH certificate. The guy died on me! It seems he died in May so that was well after I notified him of the need to pay, but Kathy checked downtown and he doesn't have a probate, which I take to mean no will, which means no money. So I can either take the son to small claims court, or the owner of the car, or I can just eat it.

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