Monday, August 14, 2006

Adam Update #5

We have movement.

After a on and off night of sleep no sleep. This morning brought nothing different. Another scoop of eggs was turned away and stomach cramps and uncomfortableness abounded.
Dr. Osterkamp came early and we discussed the many facets of what is happening with Adam right now. He has requested an internist to come and consult. Adam blood count is low, but not exceedingly. If he eats right and gets his vitamins and such he should have no problem regenerating the needed blood cells. However if he doesn’t then a transfusion could be in his near future. My problem with this is if his blood count is low and you need to give him more blood, then STOP sending the vampires around so often to take blood away from him. I realize they need to take blood to analyze it but maybe hold off on 1 or 2 and give him a chance to do some regenerating before you are pilfering his veins once again.

The Physical therapist came and tried to get Adam to stand and walk. He stood, he did not walk. He couldn’t muster the strength to move his now 100 lb leg. Her next plan of action is to have him stand turn and sit on a portable commode. He is not comfortable with the bedpan and she thinks the commode will do the trick. SHE IS RIGHT! He stands he turns he sits he – well you get the idea. So one problem down and only 20 or so to go. But the impacted bowels could have been having an effect on the urethra and that may be what has been keeping him from voiding. So I think we will remove the catheter again tomorrow and see what happens.

It’s almost noon now and he is sleeping. I think I may catch a nap as well.

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