Friday, August 18, 2006

Adam Update #6

Tomorrow Adam will be sent home. We were originally thinking today, but a not so good morning session with the Physical therapist kept him here an additional night. So come hell or high water, tomorrow it is.

When we started this whole shindig more than a year ago, we knew this would be the BIG surgery, but no one thought it would end up being this BIG.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support. Thank you Kathy for spelling me everyday, so I could breathe something other than hospital air for a couple hours. Thank you Ris for bringing that gorgeous bundle of joy to see me here, I know Adam really enjoyed it as well.

Thank you to all of his visitors, he may not have been receptive all the time, but trust me it truly meant alot of him to know how much you care.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. When we get home tomorrow, we will be the proud owners of, new crutches (he grew out of the old ones, go figure!), a walker and a wheelchair. Adam will also have some in home care for a while by way of a physical therapist that will show him how to manuever corners, take a shower and all the important stuff he will have to relearn.

We will probably be out of circulation for a couple of weeks while he acclimates himself to his new self, but can't wait to get together with everyone and just RELAX!


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